Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Monday, 15 December 2014

How to plan a project with Getting Things Done

I've owned the Getting Things Done book by David Allen for some time now, and I have organised my Filofax based on his paper planner set up. Whilst I follow many of the principles of GTD, I admit that recently I've been feeling a little overwhelmed and things are in a bit of a mess right now. This brilliant video about planning a project has come along for me at just the right time! It's a great reminder for any current GTD fans, but I think it could also be of help if you've never read the book or come across GTD before.   


Saturday, 13 December 2014

2015 Create your shining year workbook by Leonie Dawson

I've been a member of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy for some time now (previously called the Goddess Circle) and have a confession... I've printed out a couple of the yearly workbooks before and never finished filling them in. Thinking back, I was struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder and I just kept putting it off as I wasn't feeling at my best. When I heard that a printed book option was being offered, it just felt like the right way to help myself make a commitment to fill it out this time. I may go back to putting it in an A5 Filofax for 2016, but I've given this one to my husband to wrap up as an easy Christmas present from him to me. Great present, I think!

You get a copy of the 2015 Create your shining year Life and Biz edition workbook and a foldout A2 full colour 2015 wall planner. E-workbooks are also available which can be filled out on your computer/tablet or printed. Warning - picture heavy post, prepare for lots of colour!
I purchased this workbook, but for your info I have added my affiliate links above.  

The paper feels like good quality and I love how bright all the colours are. When I printed one for 2014, I was aware that my printer didn't quite match the lovely colours that were showing on-screen.

It's a colourful and fun way to help you set goals, think about what habits you'd like to have and focus on what's good for you or what you need. The workbook starts off with a section to reflect on how 2014 went for you and to release everything to move onto the new year. I'm really looking forward to filling it out and will be creating a project in my Filofax to help me complete it this time.