Thursday, 26 February 2015

Accepting the not so good days

I am not at my best during the winter. 
As previously mentioned here, I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder after finally getting round to talking to my GP about it. 

On great days:
  • I feel like myself
  • I don't care if the weather is bad
  • I have lots of energy.
On not so good days:
  • I feel low in energy
  • My overall mood is lower
  • I find it hard to concentrate
  • I can often improve the above by doing things like:
    • Getting outside
    • Exercising
    • Using my light lamp
    • Meditating. 
Yesterday was a rough day for me and I feel lucky that it happened on a day off work:
  • Didn't want to get out of bed
  • Finally managed to drag myself to early morning circuits, but struggled as my energy levels felt quite low
  • Felt ready to go back to sleep at about 10:00 a.m.
  • Went back to bed to watch Lost Girl on Netflix and needed to nap for a couple of hours
  • Looked in my Filofax and couldn't face doing anything 
  • Didn't feel interested in the things I normally enjoy
  • Didn't go to aikido class
  • Felt teary, emotional and very low all day. 
I think that in the past, I have found it hard to accept that on some days I am unable to improve how I feel. It can be tiring needing to work on my mood most days in the winter, but I am grateful that I can make a difference even if I still feel tired. However, from time to time I just have to say 'today is a rough day' and cope with it the best that I can right now by being kind to myself, and finding the easiest options for anything that I might need to get done.

Tomorrow is another day, and thank goodness that Spring is nearly here :) 

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  1. I think sometimes that just saying 'ok, this day sucks, I feel bad, but oh well, it is what it is', is the only thing you can do! Do the things that have to be done and just accept that the rest you can't - today. When you can, you will :) Good on you!